Tennis is an interesting sport. Many newcomers will not know how long a tennis match usually takes. However, you need to know that will depend on many factors. The first is whether the match is a match for men or women …

It is important to know that the longer the match is, the more sweat will be generated by the hands. Then, you will need an overgrip for someone with sweaty hands to help you play better.

First, the length of a tennis match depends on the number of sets played. Currently a match usually has 3 sets (such as Masters 1000, ATP 500, 250) and has 5 sets (such as Grand Slam, Davis Cup). To win a player must win 2 sets for a 3 set match or 3 sets for a 5 set match.

However, it is not easy to win in a set. In each set there will be many tennis games. The tennis game ends when a player has earned 4 points without letting the opponent draw. According to the law, players will alternate serving until they have won in 6 games with a difference of 2 or with 7 games with a tie-break.

In fact, matches with 3 sets have a shorter duration than 5-set matches. Usually a match consisting of 5 sets can end within 3 to 5 hours. However, there are exceptions. Specifically, the match between the American tennis player John Isner and the French player, Nicolás Mahut, took place over 11 hours, becoming the longest match in the history of tennis in the world.

In addition, women’s tennis tournaments usually have 3 sets and a shorter duration. On average, each match will last for 3 hours. The longest match in history for women took place in 1984 with 6.5 hours of competition.

Obviously, it is very difficult to win against strong opponents in a tennis match. Aside from being physically demanding, the players need a really suitable racquet like this Wilson Ultra 100L.