Table saw finger protection is a familiar machine in the construction industry, but are you sure you understand all about this smart machine? How does table saw finger protection work? Let us help you discover, and don’t forget to note down some useful advice to use this device safely through the following article.

How Does Table Saw Finger Protection Work

1. Conducts Monitoring And Detection

Each table saw a finger protection machine that comes with a small electrical signaling blade. 

Thanks to this device, when the skin comes into contact with the blade, the signal changes based on the conductor’s body. When the signal changes, it will enable the safety system to function.

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2. Proceeds To Activate The Brake

The rotating blade has an aluminum brake attached, which stops it in less than 5 milliseconds.

Next, the blade’s dynamic torque will push it below the table surface, eliminating the risk of subsequent contact.

Then, you can see the power attached to the motor will be disconnected.

3. Can be Reinstalled

You can reinstall the blade easily by replacing the blade and brake box. These two devices are both affordable. In addition, the reinstallation process takes less than five minutes.

How To Use Table Saw Finger Protection Safely? 

To ensure occupational safety when using the saw finger table, you should note the following principles:

  • Do not wear gloves while the machine is in operation, as this can cause slippage during the cutting process.
  • Do not allow the front panel of the machine to have cuts or piles of sawdust.
  • Wear suitable eye protection while using a table saw.
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt, do not wear a tie or entanglement jewelry while using the machine.
  • Stand in a comfortable position, legs apart far enough to remain balanced when using the saw.


I hope those brief instructions above can help you find the answer to the question: How does a table saw finger protection work? You can also collect some tips to ensure your safety while operating this machine. Hopefully, has provided you with useful information and helps you understand more about the convenient table saw to bring you the highest work efficiency.