The toilet is an important part of your house. Every day, you must visit your toilet regularly for personal demands to take care of your body and your health. 

However, according to researchers, the toilet is one of the dirtiest places in the house, which means you are at a high risk of being exposed to an impure environment. 

And the toilet seat – where you have to sit on daily – is the dirtiest spot in your bathroom. Thus, it is a must to know how to clean a toilet seat appropriately to keep your bathroom as fresh and clean as possible.

Materials needed to clean up your toilet seat

To clean up your toilet seat, there are some must-have items to prepare before your cleaning. 

  • Gloves 
  • Brush 
  • Towel or cloth 
  • Bleach (optional)
  • Disinfectant or germicide

How to clean a toilet seat

Apply a disinfectant to the toilet bowl 

Cleaning your toilet with water and brush can give you a clean toilet bowl, but it cannot kill all the bacteria remaining inside. Thus, using disinfectant is a must if you want to eliminate all the bacteria.

The first step is to apply the cleanser along with the bowl and on the inside rim. Then, allowing the substance to soak into the water. It is necessary to apply cleaning liquid on the rim because this area is quite dirty but usually forgotten.

Scrub the bowl 

After spreading the germicide, take the toilet brush and scrub it alongside the bowl. Remember to rub the inside rim and wipe out all the stains. The more carefully you wash, the cleaner the toilet bowl is. Then, flushing after you finish clearing up the toilet.

Clear the lid

Besides the bowl, you also need to take care of the lid. Whenever you “spend a penny”, the waste can splash upside the lid. Furthermore, the bacteria in the waste will stick on not only the cover but also the body of the toilet seat. So, you should not forget to clean this spot, either.

You can spread the cleanser to the lid, then rub it gently to clear it up. However, you should carefully read the product’s label to ensure that the chemical substances and the ceramics will not create any chemical reactions. 

Clean the rest of the toilet seat 

Other parts of the toilet seat such as the tank lid, the handle, etc. also need to be cleaned up. First, apply the cleaning liquid and scrub slightly to remove the stains. Then, spray water to wipe down the substances remained on the toilet.

What should you be aware of before cleaning a toilet seat?

Even though the toilet seat is made by ceramics, which is quite long-lasting, we should still consider some factors before cleaning your toilet seat.

Chemical reactions

It is a must to check the ingredients of the washing liquid. In fact, there are lots of brands complementing different chemical substances to enhance the effect of bleaching and exterminating the virus, which is effective but toxic.

When the chemicals interact with the ceramics, cracks are likely to appear on the surface and get worse over time. 

The side effects

The bleach or the disinfectant should be environment-friendly and hand-friendly for people to use. 

While you are working in such an enclosed space, the toxic smell from bleach or disinfectant can cause unconsciousness. Additionally, the chemicals can absorb into your skin and harm your health. 

In Conclusion

We hope that this article can provide you with useful information to answer the question “how to clean a toilet seat”!

However, the method above is just one of many effective ways to clean up your toilet seat. Find more information, tips, and techniques on how to take the best care of your bathroom at Best luck with your cleaning experience!