How To Clean A Toilet Seat Properly In Just 10 Minutes

The toilet is an important part of your house. Every day, you must visit your toilet regularly for personal demands to take care of your body and your health. 

However, according to researchers, the toilet is one of the dirtiest places in the house, which means you are at a high risk of being exposed to an impure environment. 

And the toilet seat – where you have to sit on daily – is the dirtiest spot in your bathroom. Thus, it is a must to know how to clean a toilet seat appropriately to keep your bathroom as fresh and clean as possible.

Materials needed to clean up your toilet seat

To clean up your toilet seat, there are some must-have items to prepare before your cleaning. 

  • Gloves 
  • Brush 
  • Towel or cloth 
  • Bleach (optional)
  • Disinfectant or germicide

How to clean a toilet seat

Apply a disinfectant to the toilet bowl 

Cleaning your toilet with water and brush can give you a clean toilet bowl, but it cannot kill all the bacteria remaining inside. Thus, using disinfectant is a must if you want to eliminate all the bacteria.

The first step is to apply the cleanser along with the bowl and on the inside rim. Then, allowing the substance to soak into the water. It is necessary to apply cleaning liquid on the rim because this area is quite dirty but usually forgotten.

Scrub the bowl 

After spreading the germicide, take the toilet brush and scrub it alongside the bowl. Remember to rub the inside rim and wipe out all the stains. The more carefully you wash, the cleaner the toilet bowl is. Then, flushing after you finish clearing up the toilet.

Clear the lid

Besides the bowl, you also need to take care of the lid. Whenever you “spend a penny”, the waste can splash upside the lid. Furthermore, the bacteria in the waste will stick on not only the cover but also the body of the toilet seat. So, you should not forget to clean this spot, either.

You can spread the cleanser to the lid, then rub it gently to clear it up. However, you should carefully read the product’s label to ensure that the chemical substances and the ceramics will not create any chemical reactions. 

Clean the rest of the toilet seat 

Other parts of the toilet seat such as the tank lid, the handle, etc. also need to be cleaned up. First, apply the cleaning liquid and scrub slightly to remove the stains. Then, spray water to wipe down the substances remained on the toilet.

What should you be aware of before cleaning a toilet seat?

Even though the toilet seat is made by ceramics, which is quite long-lasting, we should still consider some factors before cleaning your toilet seat.

Chemical reactions

It is a must to check the ingredients of the washing liquid. In fact, there are lots of brands complementing different chemical substances to enhance the effect of bleaching and exterminating the virus, which is effective but toxic.

When the chemicals interact with the ceramics, cracks are likely to appear on the surface and get worse over time. 

The side effects

The bleach or the disinfectant should be environment-friendly and hand-friendly for people to use. 

While you are working in such an enclosed space, the toxic smell from bleach or disinfectant can cause unconsciousness. Additionally, the chemicals can absorb into your skin and harm your health. 

In Conclusion

We hope that this article can provide you with useful information to answer the question “how to clean a toilet seat”!

However, the method above is just one of many effective ways to clean up your toilet seat. Find more information, tips, and techniques on how to take the best care of your bathroom at Best luck with your cleaning experience!

3 Characteristics of Great Medical Watches

how to choose watches for nurses

When medical professionals buy new watches for their daily jobs, there are often popular characteristics that they will look into. And if you’re on the same boat right now, then you should pay close attention to the following tips. Because they will help you better find the most suitable timepieces for your own requirements.

The first thing you need to know when buying medical watches is that you should always choose the ones that can measure time precisely. This is really important, so keep that in mind. The reason is that medical professionals such as nurses or emergency medical technicians (EMTs) will often need to measure heartbeats and bring medicine on time to their patients. So if the watches can’t keep up with their most basic function, then it would be a total disaster!

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a new nurse watch, for example, is to always opt for the ones that can repel water well. This is also needed since nurses and EMTs or paramedics will often have to work with different kinds of liquid all day long. From blood, medical water, etc, and those things can easily damage the watches. And if the watches are damaged, they won’t be able to keep up with time properly.

And finally, you should prioritize choosing a fob watch over other types of watches. Why? Because a fob watch can be easily attached to your outfit. And you can easily glance over it for quick time checking. This is the ideal watch type for people who work in the medical field. And the best part is, they’re not expensive either.

Why Citizen Might be a Good Watch Brand for You

wearing a citizen watch

Citizen is a watch company specializes in classy watches that are environmental-friendly, which means that efficiency is on the top of their priorities when designing their products.

And with all the different requirements people have to go through on a daily basis, Citizen knows how to satisfy their customer base with many great watch series and products such as their world-famous Citizen Nighthawk watch series, or the Navihawk watches you might have probably heard about.

Also, for people who love sports, Citizen also has some sports watches that will serve them the best as they are equipped to be worn on a hike, a bike ride, or even emergency situations, making them top choices for sports-junkies.

Dress watches, regardless of the brand are known for their great selection of classy appearance, functions, and that can’t be truer than it is with Citizen.

This company has been known for adding a great variety of functions and complications to a watch on top of the standard timekeeping and stopwatch.

Most Citizen watches have a date and world time display, a solar-powered Quartz movement, perpetual calendar with atomic timekeeping, and many more interesting features that you simply won’t find in any other watchmakers.

Having all of these features packed into one watch, that is designed to be worn on the wrist at all times provides an incredible amount of convenience, which would greatly benefit customers nowadays, as their job is built around accurate timeframes.

When Should You Buy a New Watch for Yourself?

So, when exactly should you replace your old watch with a new one? Truth is, there is no right or wrong answer for that question. It really depends on you and your specific situations. Anyways, I will share with you some scenarios where you should seriously consider replacing your old wristwatch.

And the first one is when you’re changing your daily style. Yes, it means when you want to look a bit younger, you will need to replace your watch as well to suit your new look and new outfits. For example, when talking about watches that make you look younger, you can check out this Fossil FS4735, or this great Seiko SNK809 watch. They’re all good looking watches that are designed to make you stand out.

Another common reason when you would want to buy a new watch for yourself is when you know you will have to change your job or career. Maybe in the new working environment, you will need something tougher than your casual dress watch. So, tough watches from Seiko, like this Seiko SNK805, or the Seiko SNK803, or this Seiko SKX007K timepiece might be a good choice for you.

The reason is that when these watches are specifically made for tough environments, they will have the strength to stand tall for a long time. And that means you won’t have to worry much about breaking your watches and having to spend a lot of money to have them fixed.

Not Sure What to Gift Her on Her Birthday? How About a Pair of Watches?

buy couple watches for you and your girl

So, your girl friend’s birthday is coming, and you’re still sitting here thinking about what to gift her to make that special day really special? Then how about gifting her a good pair of couple watches so that both you and your significant other can feel loved and belonged?

Truth is, there are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to his and her couple watches. Because manufacturers now that the demands for special pairs of watches from couples all around the world are really high. So they often design some unique and special-looking models that you can tell instantly that they belong together, just like you and her.

And in order to choose the best one, I highly recommend you do some Google searches around for the designs that catch your attention the most. And from there, you can start considering where you would like to buy them. As you have many choices here.

You can buy your pair watches from a local mall. Or you can simply buy them online from Amazon or other big watch retailers. They will all do great for your purpose. But remember, don’t buy something that is too bulky or dull in design for your girl. Because I bet 100% that she won’t like it as you do!

For more ideas and inspirations on watches in general, I highly recommend you consult Rob Willis from as he’s a watch expert, and he really knows what he’s talking about.

Want to Buy New Set of Kitchen Knives? Read This First

Buying a good set of chef knives can be a complicated process depending on your experience in buying kitchen utensils.

Since the recent past, there have been a growing number of kitchen blade brands such that it becomes hard in identifying the best brand to purchase.

Additionally, not all sellers of these cutters stock the best and high-quality brands. There are some sellers whose knife brands are of poor quality and are therefore unreliable and not durable.

In order to purchase the best quality knife set, it is crucial to identify the best places to shop for these utensils. The top places to buy your kitchen knife set include:

At the mall

Nearly all malls have some floor space dedicated to some of the best and finest quality kitchen utensils. These are utensils stocked by leading brands from across the globe.

From decent paring knives for your kitchen to good carving knives that you can use daily, you can find them all there.

As such, when shopping for a reliable kitchen knife set, your local mall may be a good place to start. The only thing you need to know about shopping for blades in the malls is that you should be aware of the brands to purchase and those to avoid. As such, you need to do some research beforehand so that you can identify the best brands to opt for.

The best thing about shopping for your kitchen blade set at the mall is that these sets are priced competitively. Therefore, it is possible to get a decent bargain for a top quality knife brand.

Buy online

The internet has made it possible to buy anything from the comfort of your house.

From utensils to household furniture and even food supplies, you can order these items from the convenience of your house.

Likewise, you can purchase knives from any of the hundreds of online sellers spread all over the internet. If you’re looking for a high-quality set of steak knives, for example, I highly recommend you do some Google searches first.

The best thing about shopping online for your utensils is that you can read reviews left behind by previous buyers. If you want to bring home a decent cleaver, for example, you can take a look at, read the reviews, and pick up the one that fits you the most.

As such, it becomes easy to assess the quality as well as the convenience of using such utensils depending on the reliability and durability of the utensils.

You can visit website for more information on the best kitchen knives out there.

At a utensil’s wholesale store

Some wholesale stores are entirely dedicated to selling kitchenware including utensils and kitchen appliances.

These stores are a great place to shop for the best quality and brand kitchen knife set. This is because the stores stock utensils from different manufacturers thereby providing shoppers with a chance to choose the best brand that meets their needs and preferences.

Additionally, the staff in these stores are highly skillful and can thus offer reliable guidance in choosing the best blade set depending on your needs, budget, preferences and intended use. If you want to know how to use your newly bought bread knives, for example, you can ask them and they will show you.

Essentially, the ideal place to buy your preferred kitchen cutter set should be the place that is most convenient for you.

However, before purchasing any brand of blades, it is advisable to research more on the brand so that you are able to determine the reliability of the brand. This will save you the trouble of spending your hard-earned cash on a brand that is not reliable.

Ensure that the blade set of choice features strong and firm handles, perfect weight and length and blade strength for reliability and dependability.

Are Baby Monitors Safe for You and Your Children?

When it comes to the safety of our children and their home, nothing is too much trouble. But have you considered whether using a video baby monitor is safe? In this article, I will discuss whether these monitors can harm your children and whether they can be misused by others.

You may be aware that there were reports of two infant deaths during the year under review, which was disarmed by the Summer Infant video baby monitors’ electrical cables. In both cases, this was caused by the camera being placed too close to the baby’s crib, one on the crib rail and the other on a changing table next to the crib. To avoid further tragic events, Summer Infant announced a voluntary recall so they could provide new product identifiers and instructions. Now it is made clear that the camera should be at least three feet from the cradle of the baby.

You do not have to place the camera directly on top of your baby to see it clearly. Even with night vision, you can see them from at least six feet away. Also, many cameras have a zoom feature so you can see them up close.

The other aspect of the security of video baby monitors is lack of security. ABC News (2010) warned parents that their babies could be seen through a baby video monitor while driving in the neighborhood. All parents were absolutely shocked that other people could see their baby in their cribs and were very worried that they had no warning that this could happen.

The problem is that many wireless electronic devices such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, radios, remote-controlled devices, security video cameras, smart meters for electrical energy, and of course your chosen baby monitoring systems are all running at similar frequencies. So if you have neighbors who also have baby monitors running at the same frequency, you’re open to interference, especially if they have a long range baby monitoring system. Nowadays, when you buy brand new digital baby monitors, for example, you will notice that they are usually shipped with more than one channel. If you get interference, you can switch to another channel without interference, but that does not guarantee safety.

Unlike WiFi computers, which can password protect, most video baby monitors have no security features. This means that the signal can be easily picked up by the receiver of a video monitor in your area. Obviously, people can only see the signal while the transmitter is on. The problem is that many people with video monitors leave them on for 24 hours, which could allow a burglar to determine if someone is at home or not.

For complete security, you should look for a model that offers frequency hopping and, if possible, data encryption technology because it is highly resistant to interference, especially if you’re thinking about bringing home a baby monitoring system for your twins. One model that offers both is the Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor. Unfortunately, this type of technology has a higher price, but if you need peace, then it is worth considering.

Are Video Baby Monitors Safe? Video baby monitors are very safe as long as you read the instructions and place the camera at least three feet away from your baby bed. Transmission signals are open to eavesdropping, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for your circumstances.

How to Increase Life Expectancy for Badminton Rackets

Badminton is the most important item of badminton players. With a professional badminton player, he is a companion on the road to success. After finding the best badminton racket for you, think about how to play with it for as long as you can. Here are some tips for you to increase the life of this great racket.

First, let’s go to the causes of the fastest racket damage:

– Situations do not pay attention, saving in a difficult position to make the outer strings of the grinding body to the surface. It can break the strings, cause loss of balance, pull the racket or break the racket.

When doubled, the two player’s two racquets are easy to collide, or when the shuttle hits the body of the racquet, then there will be invisible effects on the outside that are hidden inside the racquet. It is difficult to identify until it is really serious.

– Some healthy players tend to strap to 11kg. The surface of the racquet is very rigid and produces friction when used. It is very dangerous when the string is broken during play if not handled quickly by cutting or burning the frame will be deformed, even broken.

How to maintain a badminton racket

No strain exceeding the specified tension

When you want to stretch your racquet, pay attention to the racket maximum allowable tension. You want a racquet that produces powerful smashes by stretching the maximum tension for the racquet, then you should use the 4 button knotting technique. The four-button racket technique is very accurate, giving the racetrack a more stable balance and when the above cases occur, the variation is no greater, safer when the strings are broken.

When the strings are broken, remove all the old strings and stretch them with new strings. Do not fix by reconnecting the cord, as it will not be able to guarantee the balance of the racquet, it is easy to cause problems such as distortion, warping, broken racquet later.

Focus while playing

During the game you should focus on the shuttle to hit the most accurate, avoiding the shuttle to hit the racket. If your skills are not good then I recommend you have a big sweet spot, which is the ideal racket for beginners. A large sweet spot will help you hit the shuttle more accurately.

Replace rolling wire regularly

During the game, your hands will sweat, it will penetrate the layer of rolling wire. After a period of using this layer will create a smell of moldy and reduced grip when gripping. Keep the racquet out of your hands when you play, so you should know how to wrap it and make sure it is rolled every 1 to 2 months depending on your level of play. After each badminton session, place the racquet in a dry place before placing it in the bag.

The best way to increase the life of your racquet is to treat it like your loved one. Good luck!

New Apps for Your Baby Monitors that Can Help You Greatly

For anyone who is taking care of a baby, baby monitors are a must. With a baby, you will need a monitor regardless of where you go, move it in your own home or when you are visiting friends; with this in mind it can become annoying to have to carry your baby monitor around with you everywhere. Especially if you’re using an audio baby monitoring system, for example. There is, however, an answer to this annoyance. With the iPhone, you can get a baby monitor app, which is entirely portable in the sense that it goes everywhere with you anyway.

Baby monitors are an incredible speculation to give that additional consolation that a baby is protected while resting during the evening. There is a wide range of baby monitors available coming from well-known brands such as Levana, Motorola, or Samsung. They can fluctuate between those planned to monitor breathing, while others are more viable at identifying cries and different sounds.

When your baby sleeps you can simply activate the app and leave your phone next to your child. When it gets sounds it dials a number you have input yourself and cautions you that your baby has awoken. Despite the fact that I doubt anyone will be using it when they are across town, this app is perfect for when you are in the same house as your child. Thanks to the fact it can work no matter where you are it can be a handy tool to use in conjunction with an actual baby monitor if you find yourself out of monitor range.

It comes equipped with numerous options that can come in handy. You can choose how long your child has to make a sound before it contacts you. This is great because babies will often make some noise while they sleep that is nothing to worry about.

You can even choose to make the phone play soothing music when noise is detected, to help your child fall back to sleep. Then once your child makes noise for a specific amount of time you will be contacted. It can even record everything that goes on in the room so you can play it back at a later date and find out what your baby was up to in their sleep.

There is one issue with the application, however, in the fact that it works straight away, which means you have to wait for your child to be fully asleep before you leave it beside them, otherwise, you will get a call as soon as you leave the room. When you are using it as a baby monitor, be certain to have call forwarding on and the ringer muted so you do not disturb your child by getting phone calls or messages.

It is important to note that you should not become reliant on this app; you should still have a normal baby monitor in your home and you cannot use it to replace being observant of your child or anybody else’s child who you may be looking after. However, it is certainly worth the small fee it costs just for the extra peace of mind it offers when you need to use it.

How Do Baby Monitor Sensor Pads Work?

Are you constantly anxious about your baby when you go to sleep at night? Do you constantly check on your child’s nursery room to put your mind at ease? Do you ever wish there is something that can help you relax and relieve your anxiety?

Then you’re in luck because baby monitor sensor pads are here to the rescue!

What are those?

Having a child is mixed with happiness and worry especially if you are a new mom or dad. Keeping them safe from unknown danger is the task that you are put on. Whenever your baby is sleeping in the other room, you help but to be overwhelmed with concern. This is why products like sound and movement monitor, breathing monitors, and movement monitors are born.

Movement monitor sensor pads detect each action of your baby, even the tiniest ones. If it cannot sense any kind of movement within the next 20 seconds or so, an alarm will go off to alert you. That’s exactly what you will get if you decide to go for this decent Philips Avent monitoring system. This movement detector is placed under the mattress; your baby shall not be on top of it. Newborn babies up to 2 years old are the ideal ages for its use. Because the older your babies get, the more they move and the sensor pads won’t be able to keep track of them since it only has a range.

There are also sensor pads which are able to detect the breathing patterns of your baby even when you’re moving on the road in your car. If this car-specialized baby monitoring system senses that your baby has no breathing movement in exactly twenty seconds, an alarm will blare and alert you. Since long breathing breaks are connected with SIDS and sleep apnea, this is the perfect supervisor at night. Asthma and other chest issues are very dangerous so babies with this illness shall be checked upon every once in a while.

These sensor pads, as you can see in these top quality Summer Infant monitoring systems, also display the temperature of the room, and if the level of the temperature is too hot or too cold, the sound of the alarm will fill the house. It also displays the view of the nursery room using a camera.
What can this product offer you?

There are many things that baby sensor pads can help you with. Among these things are:

  • You will be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your baby is safe and the monitor will alert you once something happens.
  • You can prevent danger before it even happens.
  • It is an important tool to help supervise your baby, especially if he/she has trouble breathing.

Even though this product has apparent benefits, it also has some disadvantages. These sensor pads may sound an alarm even if your baby is completely fine. This false alarm will make you panic without a reason.

Since your home is a sanctuary for your family, security, care, and safety should be your utmost priority. If you are busy during the chores in the house on a daily basis and the baby is sleeping in the nursery room, then you won’t have to frequently make sure that your child is okay. The sensor pads will do it for you. But on the other hand, nothing beats the adult supervision.