Conference Scam

Conference Scam.

For the information of all visitors to this website. ~~~ St. Paul’s has been alerted to a scam which is fraudulently requesting funding for fictitious lectures which are supposedly taking place at St. Paul’s church. Please be aware that no such lectures are due to take place except for the annual lecture mentioned below.

St. Paul’s hosts the annual Jarrow Lecture which takes place this year on 25th. May.This is the only lecture organised to date at St. Paul’s and is a FREE lecture. ( see Jarrow Lecture page for details ) 

The Bishop of Jarrow, Bishop Mark, has not asked or invited anyone to attend to give lectures at St. Paul’s, and there is no such person as Edward Smith involved with the Jarrow Lecture.

The nature of the scam is to ask people to travel and speak at a Jarrow lecture, usually from America, and to pay money in advance of this for accommodation and travel. They have asked for copies of passports and visas in advance of this and also requested bank details for a deposit. Some people have already given such details and parted with money to these fraudsters.