The Church Shop



New Shop Manager Brian Henderson, (left) with his predecessor Syd Harrison, who is now Deputy Manager.

We have a nice gift shop in the church which sells a variety of goods including postcards, glassware, china, jewellery, guide books, crucifixes. preserves, cards, and a good selection of books.
All profits made in the shop are given towards the upkeep of the Church. 
The shop is a member of the Cathedral and Church Shops Association (CCSA) website address –  This is a countrywide organisation whose aim is to bring good quality goods to the general public when they visit our churches and cathedrals.
The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am. till 3.30 pm and from 2.00 pm till 3.30 pm on Sundays.
The shop closes between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day inclusive.
The shop is staffed by volunteers from the Parish, who also act as Church guides for visitors.
CHILDREN’S BIBLES (Available in St. Paul’s Church shop)

BABY BIBLE    Selling price – £9.99p        

CANDLE BIBLE FOR TODDLERS.  Selling price – £8.99p

MY VERY FIRST BIBLE.  Selling price  – £10.99p

THE BEGINNER’S BIBLE.  Selling price – Â£11.99p.

THIS IS MY BIBLE.  Selling price – £6.99p



Baby Angel  (8cms. high) – £8.30p   Praying Angel (11cms. high) – £11.80p  Holy Family Group (9cms. high) – £11.95.


Angel and Trumpet  (12 cms. high)  Price -£12.70p. 

Angel blowing Horn (14 cms. high)  Price £16.20p


Angel playing Harp (13 cms high) Price £12.60p.


Northumbria Ecclesiastica Mug. £4.99  St. Paul’s,Jarrow Mug £5.50


In pink or pale blue. (10cms. high) – Price £13.50.

 Cross (9cms. high) Price – £5.95p.

 Cross (8cms. high)  Price – £8.50.

Glass Angel   Price – £10.

Venerable Bede Ceramic Tile ( 6″square) 
Price – £14.50p

Jewellry Items

Jarrow Cross pendant  (2″ high) pewter 27″ chain  Price £9.20p

Paura Shell Teardrop pendant 
1 3/4″ pendant on silver 18″ chain  Price £11.90

Celtic Knotwork pendant  pewter 2″ wide  Price £9.20p


PRICE £8.99

Price – £5.99p.

Price – £9.95p.

Price – £5.95p.

Price – £12.99p.

Price – £10.95p

Price – £3.99p.

Price £7.99

Price £3.99

Price £3.99

Above products can be purchased at St. Paul’s church shop or by ordering direct from  Brian Henderson, on the following e- mail address. Please note orders will be costed to include the standard postal charge.