The Jarrow Cross

When the Victorians were excavating the foundations for the new nave, they unearthed a stone Saxon cross which is now on display in the north aisle of the church. ( see illustration above for the shape of the cross )

The Latin inscription reads ” In hoc singulari signo, vita redditur mundo “

” In this unique sign life is restored to the world “

THE JARROW CROSS WINDOW  A modern art interpretation of the Jarrow Cross designed and created by the late John Piper. It is the most recent stained glass insert at St. Paul’s, being unveiled by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1985 to commemorate the 1300th. aniversary of St. Paul’s.– Interpretation :- The green represents the earth and the blue the heavens, while the yellow and red represent the Pentecostal Flame. The cross is white through which the Light of Christ always shines. The BB stands for Benedict Biscop, the founder of the monastery.