5 problems new golfers have

Golf is a high-end entertainment sport dating back centuries and is loved by many people. So far the number of golfers has increased greatly and popularity. However, to become a golfer it also requires a lot of technical and investment from the players. So this article is to share what golf newbies need to know

* The first and basic problem is that you need to take a basic golf course. Why is that?. To answer the question, experts in this subject said: Golf is a difficult sport with a lot of difficult terms and techniques. Therefore, when attending a basic course on Golf, you will be carefully instructed by the experts on basic techniques, rules, how to play and how to calculate points while playing. And so you will progress faster when you really love this sport.

* The second problem is that when you love golf, the patience in the training process and when playing is extremely important. Patience will help you improve day by day, helping you to be braver in the game and help you to advance to the next level.

* The third issue to be concerned about is how to hold a golf club: According to experts, there are 3 ways to hold a golf club:

– Cross sticks

– Hold Vandon’s ¬†Overlap style stick

– How to hold a stick like a baseball bat

So the way to properly and appropriately hold sticks is very important.

Is this really difficult when you’re a beginner?

No, it’s really not that hard. Because when you join the training course as discussed above, experienced experts will guide and help you find the right and comfortable way to hold the club for you.

* The fourth problem is: Practicing in the Driving Range area

Many golf courses allow beginners to practice polishing at the Driving Range for free, so beginners can enjoy hitting the ball and receive many helpful suggestions from experts.

* The last problem is: To play golf, you need a set of golf clubs, golf bags, and stickers for alignment.

Maximum number of clubs that golfers can play (according to golf rules)

Moreover, golf is a noble sport so you must dress properly (this will be advised by experts according to your financial ability.

And instead of ending, you only need to prepare your health and personal items for a 4-hour golf game.

Wish you success and promotion soon.